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Tapahsthali has a successful professional volunteer-program, with International and Indian volunteers working with our organization.

The Tapahsthali volunteer program is unique as we place skilled volunteers in roles directly with our partner NGOs. These volunteers are an integral part of the organizational development work we do!

If you are interested in volunteering with Tapahsthali , please read the volunteer guidelines


Please note the following Tapahsthali volunteer guidelines before applying:

Tapahsthali - Volunteer Guidelines:

·  Volunteers are engaged to work with a specific project, based on their skills, experience and field of interest.

·  Volunteers commit to work full-time/Part time for a minimum of


·  Volunteers agree to sign a contract that clearly states the responsibilities of the volunteer and Tapahsthali.


There is no financial reimbursement for volunteers; the cost of ALL travel, housing and living expenses will be the responsibility of the volunteer.

Tapahsthali - Volunteer Service:

  • All volunteers are given a thorough preparation by Tapahsthali before beginning their volunteer embarkation.
  • Assistance in finding accommodation.
  • Mentoring and support throughout working period by experienced Tapahsthali staff.
  • Community of other Tapahsthali volunteers.

If you are interested in applying for volunteers, or other possible roles, please send your resume and motivation letter to

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